Interior Design

…adding a touch of class.

Creating appealing ambiences with my artworks giving a special character to originally quite neutral and thus often interchangeable spaces. It can be the artwork itself or its motif printed on materials such as silk and porcelain that make the difference in designing memorable interiors, and also exteriors by using climate resistant surfaces. One could even speak of inventing an individual well-conceived “Property Identity”.

Visual Merchandising Design

  • Some years ago, I had the opportunity of developing my first visual merchandising design concept for Zolotas, the legendary Jewellery boutique in Kolonaki, the luxury shop district in the heart of Athens. The concept was inspired by the eternal symbolism of butterflies and Miró´s artworks, exhibited in a nearby museum at that time, to create a sophisticated déjà-vu effect based on the artist´s cultural heritage.

  • After several other, more recent, decoration projects for commercial spaces, I created a series of visual merchandising designs set over changing seasons for the renowned Optician Bavosa in Salerno, Southern Italy. The permanent element throughout the months was my circular rainbow design embracing Charlie Chaplin´s eminent maxim “You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down!”, which I related, in a positive paraphrased version, to the lock-down situation during the pandemic.

Home Staging Design

  • The owner of a house in Central Greece who wanted to sell her property under the most favourable conditions in terms of price and time, entrusted me with the home staging of the interior and exterior spaces. The result of my sorting and decorating activities was a lean and uncluttered home with a graceful touch. It was “purged” of the owners´ more intimate items and restyled in a way that nonetheless conveys a personal, inviting atmosphere. The property had thus become presentable in a professional manner for photographing and videomaking to promote it on the national and international real estate market.

  • The owner of my stone cottage in Karystos on the island of Evia, spontaneously welcomed the idea to transform this quite simple temporary habitation. Unused for many years, it now became a charming country house retreat with a soul, hosting heritage-led creative activities. The staging of the exterior spaces plays with the Ancient Greek symbolism of pomegranates in different ways, inviting guests to immerse themselves into a pleasurable setting.

  • The owner of the future “Demeure de la poésie”, a luminous apartment with vintage character and a view, located in a Christian suburb of Beirut, has seen several of my home staging projects and invited me to redesign and refine the interior with the aim of achieving a respectable rental fee on the competitive real estate market.