Coordinating Activities

…by bringing common interests together.

Harmonising private and business interests for wellbeing in an economic sense and also in a physical/mental sense. This activity can be implemented in the framework of EU programmes as well as on a smaller scale.

“BluAct – Starting Up the Blue Economy”
Participation, as an external expert to the Municipality of Salerno in Southern Italy, in this URBACT network project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund to enhance the maritime economy, implemented during the period 2019 to 2021.

After the conclusion of this project co-operation, my current focus is on exploring possibilities of a future co-design activity with, among others, the start-up “SWeeP”, winner of the BluAct project related competition SviProCup2020. SWeeP’s business model is centred on a sustainable removal method for Posidonia Oceanica (aka Neptune grass) from beaches, a quite peculiar plant species. This therapeutic herb originally grew in soil and then, over the centuries, gradually transmuted into a subaquatic species, used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases. Now seems the time to bring its valuable properties back to daily use again…