Artwork Design

…gracing commercial and private spaces.

Designing artworks with the intention to personalize business and leisure related spaces as well as private homes through a touch of elegance, imparting a feeling of well-being when looking at them.

Westin Astir Palace Hotel
The Athenian deluxe seaside Resort Hotel Astir Palace twice hosted a heritage related ArtDesign event exclusively presenting my compositions. The artworks at the first exhibition were inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and the important role it played in Ancient Greece, whereas the second collection was dedicated to the tradition of coffee grounds reading as an apparently oriental heritage.

Theocharakis Foundation
The Museum Shop at this renowned Athens-based foundation showcased some of my miniature artwork creations. The original artwork was printed on a small piece of canvas and then embraced by two pieces of plexi-glass to add a modern light touch.

Sylter Meersalzmanufaktur
This boutique style shop on the German island of Sylt and its characteristic natural surroundings inspired my first more extensive SaltArt Collection. One of the artworks became a permanent part of the shop´s interior design.