Developing Concepts

…by conceiving heritage-led projects.

Creating my own concepts and co-creating concepts for heritage-led sustainable territory development with emphasis on EU programmes. The following selection gives an insight into already completed and ongoing project activities.

“CLIC – Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse” funded by the EU Programme “Horizon 2020” (2018-2020, Salerno, Southern Italy):

  • “CLIC Start-up Competition”
    Participation with a multi-disciplinary team for the candidature of my project proposal „ArteMedica Tourism HubLab”.

  • “CLIC Co-design Circular Business Model Workshop & Idea Competition”
    Participation together with the architectural studio “Project 2.0” for the candidature of our common project proposal „H5 – Hippocrates Hills Health & Heritage Hub”.

“Salerrno – Tyrrhenian Salt Stories” funded by private resources (2016-2017, Salerno, Southern Italy):

  • Brand “Salerrno”
    Development of a logo and corporate identity concept based on heritage-led storytelling by “Mooi Graphic Design Studio”.

  • Pop-up shop “Salerrno”
    Creation of a temporary shelf presence in an existing local products boutique to promote nearby businesses offering a distinctive territory related product or service. The vision was to build up a tourism cluster dedicated to the history of salt as a cultural identity asset of the place.