Innovating Entrepreneurship

…by creating Health & Heritage Hubs.

Innovating local business structures through the development of health and heritage related entrepreneurial ecosystems.

„The Diocles LivingLab”
The focus is on the candidature for the upcoming EU-Programme „URBACT IV – Developing an integrated set of actions for sustainable change“.

Our LivingLab concept is inspired by the Bauhaus model and connects the creative industries to entrepreneurship. It focuses on an intriguing storytelling dedicated to the ancient physician Diocles of Carystus, also known as “second Hippocrates”. The project has the working title “Karystos: Health & Business 2030“. The activities aim at launching and establishing in Karystos, the southernmost town of the Greek island Evia, two ambitious innovative concepts to enhance heritage-led territory development in an environmentally and socially friendly way, being at the same time also economically viable:

  • “European Countryside of Culture”
    Innovative approach to amplify the renowned “European Capital of Culture” concept.

  • “Cultural Heritage Responsibility”
    Innovative approach to complement the established “Corporate Social Responsibility” concept.