Contributing to international ProjectDesign activities for sustainable territory development

Inventing unique ArtDesign compositions for personal wellbeing

...inspired by local Cultural Heritage...

Heritage ProjectDesign

External co-operation by joining your existing team to support you in developing a heritage-led concept, coordinating stakeholders/activities and communicating on an international level.

Heritage ArtDesign

Composition of heritage inspired artworks and organisation of related events to contribute to the wellbeing of persons appreciating an individual design approach to experience the unique luxury of the tangible intangible.

The Story behind

“Enjoying a laid-back life in harmony and beauty!
Looking at interior design with beautiful colour combinations and harmonious shapes makes me feel good.”

This feeling of relaxation in one´s own serenity space is what Melina Elena Stylianou wants to share with her clients. She believes our daily lives are so demanding that we need aesthetical impulses to unwind and relax. 

Her way of contributing to this lifestyle is to create elegant paintings that – in a digital form – inspire the surface design of wallpapers, silk, porcelain and other selected materials.